Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Prioritizing at all times universality, freedom, tolerance, diversity, academic as well as personal development for both its students, academic staff and employees alike, Fenerbahçe University’s;


To be and become a university targeting to learn in unity, generate knowledge, share such knowledge generated, add value to the society , internalizing and adopting universal values. While scientific research and works, support provided to innovative and venturing ideas, organizational climate nurturing competition and self-confidence transform our students’ academic and personal development into a well-qualified odyssey, added-value generated by our employees is a valuable source and asset towards economic and social development of the community.    


To raise youngsters who

  • Are academically and professionally competent,
  • Are capable of thinking and expressing themselves freely,
  • Respect thoughts and opinions,
  • Have apprehended the value of life-long learning,
  • Possess elevated self-confidence,
  • Have well-developed communication and interaction skills,
  • Have internalized ethical values,
  • Lay claim to the values concerning the universe and mankind

and enhance their employment capabilities, be and become an institution of higher education reputable in its own geography as well as internationally.  

Basic Values

Basic values included in the corporate existence of Fenerbahçe University:

  • Corporate autonomy
  • Academic freedom and liability
  • Internationalization
  • Being student focused
  • Contributing to access to the higher education
  • Being transparent and accountable
  • Participation
  • Assessing value to plurality and diversity
  • Acting under social responsibility awareness
  • Internalizing national values

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