Special Needs Unit

Special Needs Unit

Special Needs Unit is a unit affiliated to the Rector’s Office, consisting of representatives from faculty members and relevant department head offices; established in order to determine the requirements of disabled students in academic, administrative, physical, accommodation, social and such other areas and setting forth those activities needed for meeting these requirements, thereafter planning, implementing, developing the activities to be carried out as well as assessing and evaluating the results  of such activities conducted.

 Objective of the unit ongoing with its activities comprises of minimizing the difficulties to be encountered and suffered by disabled students during their education and campus lives and ensuring cooperation between the relevant parties in eliminating the impediments. Conducting in a coordinated matter such activities and operations realized with the purpose of facilitating education lives of our disabled students who would be continuing with their educations in our University and enhancing their social involvement and participation are all carried out and performed by the “Special Needs Unit”.



It is included in particular duties of this unit, determining and specifying any and all requirements of all disabled students being educated under our University with respect to training-education, scholarships, administrative, physical, social and such other similar areas, setting forth the measures required to be taken for meeting and covering these requirements.

The unit developing programs and projects to upgrade and enhance the level of consciousness and sensitivity regarding disabled students, is responsible for the measurement and evaluation of all students in a fair  and accurate manner, enabling equal opportunities and making education process effective and efficient, providing time, proper place, material, accompanying reader to the disabled student in respect of exams, including taking necessary measures towards differences arising from special requirements of the student and adopting any arrangements necessary to that effect.

For the sake of resolving any problems which might be encountered by disabled students in visa, exam and project evaluations with the purpose of assessing the courses, it shall further be made assignment for guidance and counseling.


In our University, it is provided all possible physical conditions for access of the disabled. Fenerbahçe University Ataşehir Campus is planned and constructed, starting from design of the relevant architectural project for access of the disabled under unimpeded university standards.

For our disabled students, building entrance has been designed without steps and ramp in accordance with unimpeded access concept. There is no elevation difference between the pedestrian route and building entrance. Main entrances are enabled by means of two automatic revolving doors of diameter 336 cm. These doors have buttons for the disabled. Further, there are also two emergency exits of width 98 cm. at the entrance. Inside the building, there are sensitive floor applications for being felt by the visually handicapped. Necessary orientation and guidance could be provided from the Help Desk at the entrance. Next to the security turnstiles at either sides of the entrance hall, there are swinging doors for access of the disabled. Access to the elevators is enabled with ease. There are buttons with the elevators, addressing the disabled (at low heights and incorporating the Braille alphabet).

Within premises of the building, there are toilets for the disabled on all floors. Inner space of the toilets is in accordance with the relevant standards and statutory. Lavatories, closets, supporting bars, mirrors are amongst the equipment designed in compliance with utilization by the disables. Floor covering items are of non-slippery quality.

It has been realized designs at the entrances of the Conference Hall, Canteen, Library and Infirmary, incorporating adequate passage widths without any elevation difference by selecting proper materials towards unimpeded access. All workshops, classrooms and laboratories are convenient for access by wheelchairs, battery-operated as well as otherwise. We also have parking lots reserved for disabled individuals.

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