Sports Coordinatorship

Sports Coordinatorship

This is the unit that plans, performs, and rewards sports activities for students, academic and administrative members of Fenerbahçe University. To ensure that our students spend their time outside the busy academic program in a fun, productive, fit and healthy way, they set up sports teams and organize on-campus and off-campus sports activities.

Sports Teams

Sports opportunities are offered in a wide range at Fenerbahçe University. In our university, which currently has ten sports teams, new teams are established in line with student demands and needs, and opportunities are provided for competitions in intercollegiate championships. Sports teams are selected in the second week of the academic opening day of our university. Our students, who participate in the selection of sports teams under the supervision of our expert coaches and trainers, are directed to the relevant branches according to their abilities. In our activities where Fenerbahçe Sports Club training fields are used, our students benefit from the best facilities in our country.

Our Sports Teams:

1.    3X3 Basketball Team
2.    Basketball Team
3.    Boxing Team
4.    E-Sports Team
5.    Football Team
6.    Karate Team
7.    Ski and Snowboard Team
8.    Archery Team
9.    Beach Volleyball Team
10.  Saloon Archery Team
11.  Chess Team
12.  Volleyball Team
13.  Sailing Team
14.  Swimming Team
Our Sports Fields

FBU Sports Center
FBU Individual Development Unit
FBU Sportive Rehabilitation Unit
FBU Sports Injuries Diagnosis and Treatment Unit
FBU Table Tennis Workshop: This workshop is open to Table Tennis lessons, Table Tennis team training and can be used freely.
FBU Condition Workshop: In this workshop, which is open to the use of our students and staff, our Sports Departments conduct their lessons and FBU members continue their sports activities for health.
FBU Dance Workshop: It is the workshop where our University's Dance Team, Dance Club and Dance classes are held.
FBU Recreation Sports Workshop: Bocce, Dart and Foosball can be played in this Workshop.
FBU Multipurpose Sports Workshop: Sports such as Gymnastics, Judo, Karate, Krav Maga, Pilates, Step Aerobics, Aikido etc. can be done in this Workshop.

On-campus Sports:

Students of Fenerbahçe University have the opportunity to perform many sports activities on campus besides their academic life. These sports are chess, yoga, pilates, dance, table tennis, darts, bocce, gymnastics, etc.
Off-campus Sports:

Students of Fenerbahçe University, in their remaining time from their classes, have the chance to do many sports activities outside the campus such as cycling, hiking, camping, climbing, rafting, and diving, etc. organized by our sports coordinator and student clubs, to socialize, to have a good time with friends and to take their mind of intensive academic studies.

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