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Fenerbahçe University Foreign Languages ​​Department consists of the programs which are the English Preparatory Program and the English courses at associate and undergraduate degree programs. Each of these program...

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Overview of the English Preparatory Program

What is modular system? The curriculum of the English Preparatory Program is based on a modular system. An academic year in the English Preparatory Program consists of 4 modules, each lasting 8 weeks. According to the results of the English Placement Exam (FBU-Placement), our students are placed in the appropriate levels at the beginning of the fall semester which are “Elementary” (A1), “Pre-Intermediate” (A2), “Intermediate” (B1) and “Upper-Intermediate” (B2). General English is taught at the Elementary (A1) and Pre-Intermediate (A2) levels, while Academic English is taught at the Intermediate (B1) and Upper-Intermediate (B2) levels. Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills which are necessary to be a proficient user of a language are taught with an integrated skills approach at all levels. The modular system is a flexible structure that encourages students to adapt to changes quickly. Each module consists of learning and teaching stages that motivate students to follow a dynamic study plan. The system allows each student to progress at their own learning pace and be aware of their own progress, and allows them to be closely monitored...


Optional Preparatory Program

What are the advantages of voluntary education in the English Preparatory Program? Students are provided with opportunities as follows: Students who study in the English Preparatory Program and who have successfully completed this program become sought-after members of their sector when they combine English they have learned with their academic and professional training, Students who want to study at universities abroad with student exchange programs such as Erasmus and World Exchange are one step closer to being successful in the English Proficiency Exam and are one step ahead in their education and social life with their foreign language skills in the countries they go to, They are preferred when they apply to workplaces for internship because of the advantage of knowing English. What is optional preparatory program? Optional English prep program is a non-compulsory preparatory program taken by the students of the department offering 100% Turkish education. I placed your university with a special talent exam. How can I enroll in the optional preparatory program? You can enroll in the preparatory education by submitting your petition stating that you want to take option...


Associate and Undergraduate English Courses

Foreign Languages Department are responsible for the design and implementation of compulsory language courses in associate / undergraduate education. With the ENG101 English 1 and ENG102 English 2 courses, it is aimed to improve the academic language skills of our students by contributing to their success in their courses. Students who successfully complete these courses can understand the main ideas and details in conversations on topics they are familiar with, if expressed explicitly and slowly provide simple and brief explanations about everyday topics orally read short and simple texts written using common words create a fluent paragraph by writing a series of simple phrases and sentences about topics they are familiar with. ENG101 English 1 and ENG102 English 2 courses have an exemption exam. Students who have recently registered and ready to attend classes in faculty and associate programs and who will start the faculty by passing the English Proficiency Exam, take this multiple-choice exam. There is no make up for this exam. ENG103 Advanced English 1 and ENG104 Advanced English 2, which are opened in English programs at the associate and undergraduate level, are aimed to ...


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